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Collection of the worldwide Nine Inch Nails net pages

official_________________[nin.com] - official NIN pages
___________________[halo22.nin.com] - Beside You In Time mini-site ____________________
________________[yearzero.nin.com] - Year Zero mini-site

news____________[theninhotline.com] - The Nine Inch Nails hotline

discussion forum___[echoingthesound.org] - The biggest NIN forum_____________________________
_______[nineinchnails.foren-city.de] - German NIN forum [http://nineinchnails.at] - Austrian NIN forum

unofficial nin pages_________________________________
___[9inchnails.com] - Everything in one_________[0-halo.net] - English and Japan fan pages________[nin.hardzone.pl] - Polish nin fan pages____
________[http://www.krainanin.com] - Polish nin fan pages and polish official NIN forum__________________________
_[www.mihalis.org/NIN/] - French nin page_______[theninhotline.net/halo99/] - archive _________
____ [www.nin.hu] - Hungary fan page

czech pages________________________[9inchnails.cz] - Best czech pages__[closer.wz.cz]__[wikipedia.cz]

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